Sales Conversations
made easy

I will show you how to make Sales feel
easy, fun, and effective

Tired of hearing the same objections, over and over?  Perhaps you are getting a lot of “I need to think about it” or “Let me talk to my husband first?”

The last thing you want is fear and uncertainty to take over when you get an objection.

When you talk about the cost and ask the prospective client to buy your services, more people will say yes when you communicate with ease and confidence.  Ease and confidence comes from knowing you can handle every objection without feeling pushy or desperate.

Done correctly, the sales process can be an AMAZING and empowering experience for you and your client. Imagine looking forward to making calls and doing consultations because your process is easy, fun and effective. You will get more sales.

Not only that, but compound effect this level of confidence will create on your business growth and confidence is staggering. Think about it: how many more clients would you WANT to reach out to and schedule when you are enjoy creating real connection and making the offer?

Through evaluating and assessing your current sales process, you will learn exactly what you need to do more of and what you need to eliminate so that you get more sales. That is what I offer in my FREE training. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn exactly how to apply what you learn to increase your sales immediately. 


What People say After Taking My Free training

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Megan Hintz

certified Life coach

“Working with Catherine was eye opening for me and brought me so much peace, clarity, and excitement toward my business. I felt a huge shift and transformation in my very first session with her! I had so many “aha” moments and was able to quickly shift my thinking about my business and sales with the coaching she offered. I went out and made my offer and got two clients within an hour of our session!! Amazing!! It has been insightful, liberating, and exciting to learn that selling can be fun, and can be done in a way that is in alignment with my values and integrity. Here’s to many more sales!!”

sandra phenning

Sandra Phenning

certified weight loss Coach

“I came in believing that I didn’t know how to sell, that I hadn’t learned that part of my business well, and that was why my sales were so dismal. My sales skills did not feel very valuable at all. I was pretty sure I needed to change something essential about myself to change my sales numbers.

Catherine’s open and warm presence and coaching style immediately put me at ease. I was able to explore what was behind my current thinking about sales and my business and see what was serving me and what was not. More than anything, I saw that I actually did have the skills I needed, just lacked the confidence and perspective to put them in to play. I was able to see where negative thoughts about myself were interrupting the sales process and not helpful to me or my potential clients.

I am deeply grateful for her skill and compassion.”

Sarah Townley Professional Portrait 04-15

Sarah Townley

Certified health coach

“Catherine has insight and value to offer around sales and business. She gave me focused, personalized feedback to help me understand what is not working, what is working, and what to do next. She is very pleasant to engage with and clearly has a passion for her work.”

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Megan Koehler

certified parent COACH

“Working with Catherine was a wonderful experience. She gave me many tips and tools to be confident and effective on my sales calls.
I understand the process more clearly and have already applied some of what learned on various sales and coaching calls.
Catherine is a master of communication and her advice is priceless.”

How does the free training work?

Select a date and time that works best.

We will do a thorough review of your current sales process through a video conference platform such as Zoom. . 

You receive immediate personalized feedback, as well as actionable training on how to improve your sales process for higher conversions. 


Catherine Van Wert

 Communication is not merely exchanging words, but creating internal and external connection. When you become aware of your blind spots and the gaps in your current sales (and personal) communication, everything changes. Together, we literally practice and perfect the hard and soft skills of your sales conversation so that you are BRIMMING with confidence. It’s like having a personal trainer for sales and communication. The result is that you will feel amazing about your service, skills and sales process. When you truly feel confident about what you’re offering and how to offer it, it’s hard NOT to sell, right? Don’t stall out. Make your conversations easy, fun and effective and watch your sales increase, naturally.