Catherine Van Wert

Certified Coach, MBA

Hey there! This space is called “About” (me), but let’s talk about what we have in common first.

Have you always known you wanted to do something to help people? I am thinking you have. I did too and eventually, I also decided I wanted to have my own business. I wanted do be able to do my own thing and create an amazing experience for my future clients.

I have also gladly been the go-to person for others when they want advice or someone who would listen. This is probably something you may have experienced as well. Heard you’re a great listener or that you give great advice?  I am right there with you.

Now let me tell you why this matters. 

This collective experience turns out to be helpful when it came to sales. Attentive listening, in tandem with technical sales skills, turns out to be what is called consultative sales. which is very effective. I was able to sell to a “difficult” client or elicit collaboration when others failed through practicing selling, psychology, and communication skills. I teach and coach my clients on these skills so that they can get more sales and create powerful copy for all their marketing materials and email communication.

Sales and psychology are powerful when you can incorporate the communication skills to effectively show clients your value in relations to their potential results and transformation. When people can truly see personal value in your service and recognize their desired result as a real possibility, getting the sale is a matter of  advocating the client’s goals.

Identifying and implementing the exact skills and tweaks my clients needs in order to get more sales is what compels me to be a sales and communication coach. I absolutely love to see this piece of their business come together and see them hit their sale and revenue goals.

With personalized 1:1 sales and communication coaching, you will have the confidence to talk about what you do to anyone. You will feel certain about what to say and how to say it. This is a powerful way to create a profitable business, no doubt. 

I love watching my clients grow in their sales and communication skills because they are changing lives with what they offer, one sale at a time.