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What You Need to Know When Potential Clients Say “No”

Follow the show: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | RSS We go into sales calls with the high hopes that the person we are going to have a conversation with will say yes to our offer at the end. Of course we have high hopes- that’s the way it should be. We want all the positive energy going into the conversation. In fact, in the best circumstance, we hope that

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When Nothing Seems Like It’s Working

What can you do when nothing seems to be working? You might have felt so discouraged that you’ve even wondered what it would be like if you just quit. Of course, you don’t really want to quit but you definitely feel the frustration of making a lot of effort and not getting the outcome you wanted.
Tune in to see how you can shift your mindset and find your motivation again.

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Crafting a Powerful Offer

In this episode, you will learn how to craft a powerful offer. It’s not magical or mysterious! If you break down the basic components of what makes an offer powerful, you will be on your way to feeling more clear and compelling when you talk to potential clients.

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The Roadmap to Your Impossible Goal

Your impossible goals are achievable when you can align your emotions to help you create the results that you want. The natural tendency is to align with the thoughts that hold us back from getting the things we want. With intentional thinking and emotional management, it’s possible to learn from the obstacles that are encountered along.

Listen to today’s podcast to learn the critical steps to help stop feeling discouraged and tap into your higher self instead.

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Hitting the Next Level of Growth

You have goals that you want to accomplish in your business. We often think that it means we need to learn new skills or observe how others have achieved similar goals.

This can be part of the process but it’s not all. In order to hit the next level of growth, you must grow your identity as well as your skill set. Becoming a person who believes that they are capable of solving problems, getting clients and achieving impossible goals is foundational.

Listen to today’s episode and uplevel your identity as a coach and business owner.

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Prime Your Sales with a Freebie/ Lead Magnet Strategy

Freebies are designed to create interest and intrigue in what you have to offer. It should funnel into your main offer. The purpose of the freebie is to give value and show an aspect of what you have to give to your clients.

Learn how to think about freebies as a system that captures the attention and builds the interest of your ideal clients.

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How to Create Certainty

We all strive for certainty because we want to feel confident and harness the power of a singular focus. What happens if the certainty we feel is caused because we believe a painful thought? Catherine talks about how we can use certainty for or against ourselves and the struggle of letting go of a thought that undermines our potential.

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How to Use Active Listening to SUPERCHARGE your sales

You will learn how Active Listening is your SUPERPOWER on a sales call. You cannot underestimate the importance of the connection in selling. Today you will learn about the top four benefits and you will also learn six easy and practical ways that you can implement active listening principles in your sales (or even coaching) calls.

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How to Fix the Mind Drama Around Sales Calls

Today I am going to talk about the mind drama that occurs when we think about selling on a call.

Getting a new client is fun, but the mind drama around sales, obviously not. You can’t usually have clients without some form of selling. In order to get a better perspective on why mind drama around sales feels so strong, I want to zoom out beyond that sales call itself first.

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Top 20 Traits of Highly Successful Coaches

Top 20 Traits of Highly Successful Coaches Follow the show: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | RSS     Get what they came for- behind all their actions is the intentionality. There’s a common thread that gives them an overall sense of direction and they tie in the action they are taking with where they want to go.  They ask questions, rely on me for my expertise and they bring

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