Taking Action When You Don’t Feel Ready

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Hello friend! Let’s talk about taking action when you don’t feel ready. When it comes to your business, if you find yourself not taking action on something you said you’d do because you don’t feel ready, you are probably feeling frustrated and stuck. Not feeling ready to take action is one of the biggest hold-ups to your success if you let it stop you. Let’s talk about this today and get you moving forward because waiting until you feel ready before you take action is not an option if you want to experience desired results. Taking action, even when you don’t feel ready, is one of the most important skills that will help make your success inevitable. Without action, you are stuck in the intention stage.

Good intentions are all around us. My husband and I take a walk every day and this past spring, we saw the usual neighborhood activity. People were prepping their beautifully landscaped yards and bringing them back to life with planting new shrubs and flowers, pruning and mulching. The Boy Scouts were in the middle of their mulch campaign and you could see either mulch dumped into people’s driveways or stacks of bags in the yard. For sale signs up popping up around us. This past spring, there was one house on our walking route that we noticed that had mulch bags out for days. But then the days became weeks and the weeks became months. By the middle of summer, the plastic on the bags had become tattered and we started calling the bags “intention mulch”. They bought it and intended to use it, but since they didn’t take action, it was all intention. We would pass by it everyday and wonder together why it was taking them so long to take action on opening the bag and spreading it out. We joked that we would surprise them by secretly mulching their flower beds for them. We imagined they would be really happy and freaked out to see their intention mulch spread out. 

I don’t know why my neighbor didn’t do their mulch when they got it, but I do know that they didn’t get the results they wanted for a long time. My thought on it was that the work it actually took was probably only 2 hours. If I was to coach them, I would have asked what if they just opened one bag and spread a quarter of it? You know what would have happened, more than likely? Belief that it wasn’t that big of a deal after all. Momentum. They would think why stop now and continue until they got the results they wanted. The thoughts they would generate would go from “I don’t feel like it”  to “this isn’t so bad” to “I am already halfway done, I may as well finish”, and finally “I am so glad I finally did it!”.  Taking action when you don’t feel like it allows your brain to create different thoughts that get you unstuck and away from frustration. 

You may have set an intention for something you want to do in your business and for whatever reason, you are experiencing a hard time with the follow through. Here’s what you need to know: taking action when you don’t feel ready isn’t just the problem. Taking action when you don’t feel ready is also the solution. That’s because it’s a skill in and of itself to take action when you aren’t ready. Imagine what you could accomplish if you took action on the great idea you have right now, even if you don’t feel ready.  You would get results based on your actions and those results could lead to more actions and opportunities that you haven’t even imagined are possible. 

You may be having thoughts like “it’s not going to work” or “people aren’t going to be interested”. Those are deterrents for sure, but if you believe that developing the skill of taking action no matter what is more important and make that mean that you are winning, then the outcome of your action isn’t the most important thing. This is a good thing because we can’t always control the outcome. We control what we are willing to do and being willing to take action when you don’t feel ready gives you the best return on your investment in yourself. You create belief in your ability to show up. You give yourself permission to do things imperfectly because you know that it is more valuable to create action than to be stuck in fear caused by perfectionism or imposter syndrome, to name a few. The belief that taking action while not feeling ready is a necessary skill is how you change the narrative that enables you to go for it. 

Think about the natural consequences when you aren’t taking action: every day that you let pass by is another day that you aren’t creating as many opportunities for growth and expansion as you could have. You will miss out on attracting your ideal clients and those clients still need help. So what ends up happening is that they end up with other coaches or in other programs when you might have been the best fit for them. And worse, even if you might have been the best fit for those clients, they end up with another coach that is less qualified to help just because that person took the actions that might have put you ahead. I am not trying to stoke competition necessarily, but if you have an ideal client out there, and you do, and they can’t find you, then they are in a position to have to get help from someone else who may not be as ideal for them.  

So that’s the natural consequence of not taking action. Now, when you tie in not taking action with you not feeling ready, it becomes personal. When you say you are not ready, you might really mean that you aren’t feeling fully confident or certain. If this is the case and you don’t take action anyway, you will reinforce the feeling that you are not enough, even when you are. Chances are excellent that you are more than enough and that you know everything you need to know to take that action. That’s the truth. But the limiting belief of “I am not ready” will stop you from realizing your full business and coaching potential because you will feel stuck and frustrated from this limiting belief about yourself. Your brain will continue to offer you fearful or limiting thoughts regularly, no matter what stage of business you are in or how much you have grown. That is another reason why taking action when you don’t feel ready is invaluable and necessary. You will need it at every level of success you experience because this feeling doesn’t go away. You can’t regulate the automatic thoughts that pop up, but you can create different beliefs when this happens and take action anyway. When you take action before you feel ready, you show yourself how strong you truly are. You bust through the self-imposed myth that you aren’t ready. 

You have a choice, You can be the coach that waits to feel ready to take action or the coach that takes action no matter what. The potential for taking action no matter what far outweighs the waiting for your emotions to catch up. Which sounds more powerful? Remember, the person that succeeds in business isn’t always the one who is the smartest or most capable. It’s the person who is willing to take the most action. You can be both. If you are willing to take action without having to feel ready, you automatically create more consistency. If you only run your business when you are feeling positive and ready, it will take you so much longer and momentum will be really hard to create. A consistent business  is not run on positive emotional energy but on positive identity. The identity of an action taker.

When you started your coaching business, you had a dream to coach and help people. You had a dream to own your own business and create a living for yourself through helping others. This is your why. Supporting and advocating for your why is the reason you want to take action when you don’t feel ready. Focusing on what you want to create for yourself and your client and being willing to do it messy and imperfectly means that you are ready to take that action that you are sitting on right now. What is that action? Does taking that action when you don’t feel ready feel like a leap of faith, an act of bravery? You bet it does because it is. Doing this means you are casting a vote for yourself to be an action taker. You have ways in which you are uniquely qualified to help your ideal client, and they need to know who you are, how you help, what you do, and that you are taking clients now. The health of your business depends on your ability to identify as being an action-driven coach. Learning to take action when you don’t feel ready is a natural element of growth. Stepping into the next level quite often means taking action when you don’t feel ready because feeling ready usually plays catch-up; it doesn’t always take the lead. 

Would could you accomplish if you didn’t wait to feel ready to take action? When you stop depending on feeling ready, you develop an unstoppable mindset because there is literally nothing that you can’t do. We often stop ourselves and our greatest obstacles are within our own thoughts.

But if your actions are fueled by your emotional ups and downs, your business’s success will not be based on your intellectual, CEO mindset and decisions but a reflection of the whims of your emotional life. Emotions are not bad, they are meant to fluctuate but taking action on good decisions are meant to be consistent. You will not be able to realize your business’s full potential to create income and impact lives without consistent action. 

The skill of taking action when you don’t feel ready cannot be negotiated. It’s a must have. Even thoughts like,  “I can’t believe I did it!”, “that wasn’t as bad as I thought”, “at least I took some action instead of nothing at all.” creates a better mindset and more action.

You will create the feeling of being ready because taking action allows you to create new thoughts and beliefs about your willingness to show up. If you know you are a person that takes action as many times as you need to, then you create security. You shift from being worried about the potential results of your action to feeling confident that you are willing to take all actions until you get the results you want. 

It all sounds good, I know, but it can be frustrating to feel that split energy of wanting to take action but also hearing that inner voice that says you aren’t ready. That voice can sound like the louder voice more often than you want it to. So let me offer you a simple three step plan to help you take action even when you don’t feel ready.  

The Plan:

  1. Break down your desired action into smaller steps 

You want to take this action because you think it will get you a desirable result. Think about the end result that you want and break down the action you want to take into smaller steps you need to take to get there. Mapping out a plan with a step by step process will give you more clarity and less overwhelm.  

  1. Reframe your thoughts to overcome resistance 

As you move through the step by step process, you want to protect your momentum and excitement by reframing your thoughts as obstacles come up. There is a natural tendency to get overwhelmed or feel doubtful when you don’t feel ready to take action and that’s where you want to spend some time reframing the thoughts that come up. Refer back to the plan that you created by breaking down your desired action into smaller action steps and let that serve as your anchor. You’ve created a do-able plan and when you focus on the parts that feel do-able, you can more easily reframe thoughts or redirect your brain.  

  1. Take the first step (prove yourself right and repeat)

Now that you’ve taken steps one and two, you’ve decided on what the smaller steps are and you’ve decided how you will reframe the thoughts that make you feel like you aren’t ready, you are ready for the last step. The last step is to take that small first action of your step by step plan. You may still feel some doubt or uncertainty but it is not going to be a deal breaker because you are taking a small action that creates traction. Taking smaller steps is helpful because it reduces overwhelm and it transforms you into being a person who takes action whether they feel ready or not. Remember, that IS the desired skill. Taking the smaller action helps you naturally generate thoughts of self-belief and confidence, which leads to the next action. As you anchor into your step by step plan of action, you will grow your identity as an action taker and you will get results.  

This sounds good in theory, but where are you stuck? Can you see how you could apply this very simple three step process? 

One of the things I work with my clients on is creating an email series to promote a freebie. One of their challenging thoughts is believing that they don’t know what to say. As a result, they are not communicating with the people that opted in to their freebie. Let’s say this is an issue that you are having. 

What is the big action you want to take? Email the list that opted into your freebie. A typical email series will have 3 emails to follow up. For this person, create a 3 email follow up series is too large of a task. They are thinking that what they say won’t matter and other limiting thoughts. So let’s take this through the 3 step process: 

  1. If we break this down, we need to determine the goal for each email. The first email is the one that welcomes the subscriber and sends them the freebie. The second email is the one that asks how it went and if they’ve tried it yet. It includes a link to the freebie as well. The third email is the one that asks if they would like help with the problem that the freebie was helping solve. Each email will have a CTA that will compel the reader to take an action, whether it’s to download the freebie, schedule a call, or follow them on social media. After the subscriber has received all three emails, they will put the subscriber into the general email list. 
  2. The client will have the thought that they can always do this later when they have more subscribers or that it doesn’t really make a difference if they do it because no one is going to schedule a call with them. The underlying belief is that it won’t make a difference for them but of course we know that email marketing DOES make a difference. It’s the best way to sell to an audience because there is a connection. We reframe their thoughts around this so that they can see that even if the reader does not take them up on their immediate offer, it does not mean that they won’t eventually. My client comes to understand it’s just one layer of communication and that the efforts matter collectively. They get creative freedom to express whatever they think is relevant to their reader. We brainstorm the specific content they could include. 
  3. The third step is to take that first small step. In this case, my client writes the initial email and sends it to me. We go over any edits and suggestions that I make and they can see that their message is more clear. They feel good about this email, and it reinforces the thought that they can and do take action even when they don’t feel ready. They feel more ready and go on to create the second and third. They become the person that writes emails to their clients and takes action to get things done.  

If you are feeling stuck, figure out how you can take action today. It doesn’t matter how big or small, it just matters that you take action even when you don’t feel ready. Ask yourself what is a small action you are willing to do today that will move you forward? You could even reach out to schedule a call with me as a first step. 

When you can take action even when you don’t feel ready, you are developing a mentality of getting things done no matter what. You will come to realize that feeling ready isn’t as important as being willing to do the things that you know will move your business forward. You open a world of possibility available only to those who are action takers. Imagine being able to execute on all the things that you feel inspired to do. What would this mean for you? For your business? If you take daily actions that feel challenging, where could you be in a month? 6 months? A year? The possibilities are pretty incredible.

Taking action, even when you don’t feel ready, is one of the most important skills that will help make your success inevitable. Even if you don’t get the result you want. Doesn’t matter. What matters is you become the person who is willing to take action and with enough action, you will land at your desired results. 

If you’re feeling stuck, consider there are two angles you can use in order to take action when you don’t feel ready. You can change your thoughts or you can change your actions. If you have been overthinking, you will find it beneficial to take action and let the thoughts follow up. 

Think about that thing that you want to do again. What is that first small action you can take toward getting it done? Decide what you are willing to do today. You are capable of doing anything, truly. That is never up for debate. I hope you hear me on that. You are 100% capable of taking any action you can dream of. The question is what are you willing to do today? 

Make a commitment this week to take that action on that thing you’ve been hesitating on. You are 100% capable and you are way more ready than you think. 

Take action today. It doesn’t matter how big or small, it just matters that you take action even when you don’t feel ready. Ask yourself what is a small action you are willing to do today that will move you forward? Taking action, even when you don’t feel ready, is one of the most important skills that will help make your success inevitable. 

Ok….you’re still here. Are you not feeling ready? Maybe the first step is to reach out and get help. This is what it looks like to step outside of your comfort zone and take action. I invite you to set up a call with me. Let’s get you some coaching on where you are stuck and create a plan. If you are thinking, yeah but I know what to do, I just need to do it, then you really should grab a spot because you are the most coachable and likely to succeed with some help. That’s what I do. Sign up for a free session with me at my website, www.catherinevanwert.com or just go to the show notes and get the link to schedule. You are going to love it and more than likely, it’s going to give you an awesome kick-start to take action and create amazing beliefs. 

That’s it for today. You know what to do! 


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